This poem was written in response to What I know by Joyce Woodward. I read this in my reading and writing poetry module last year and my response to the poem was the first poem I was proud of writing.

I now know that had my mother eaten salmon twice a week I probably wouldn’t have Asthma.
That the Loch Ness monster has now relocated to the Thames.
That having a baby at age 55 is worthy of front page news.
That in order to be accepted you have to be thin despite France banning size 0 models from the catwalk.
Whatsapp is now encrypted, worthy of the front page again.
A child can die due to their parents negligance and the parents won’t face charges.
That nothing more can be done for the Anorexic person and a judge is about to let her light leave the world.
I don’t have to think about it, but I need to know,
About how the NHS is allowed to let someone become skin and bones.
That 1971 is the golden year. Apparently and,
We all fear Terrorism.
We don’t know when the next attack will come but we know it will happen.
That Harper Beckham is ‘just like mummy’
And M.A.C Cosmetics test on animals but that Lush does not.
That all the tins have to face the same way,
My shoes have to be put away.
That fizzy drink and sugar ruin your teeth.
That all girls worry about their eyebrows.
Depression is a nasty thing.
Some days are better than others.
The weatherman is rarely right.
Books are whole new worlds,
Disney is timeless.
There probably is a cure for Cancer but they’ll never release it because it’s more expensive to give someone Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and the NHS would rather do that.
Working is horrible.
I’ll never win the lottery.
One magpie brings sorrow,
Two bring joy.


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