You’re short.’ That’s a given.
‘You’re quiet.’ Only sometimes.
‘You’re hardworking.’ That’s because I have ambition.
‘You’re getting like Cinderella.’ I would much rather be Belle.
‘What’s wrong with you now?’ I can’t help it if I’m always ill.
‘Again?’ Please refer to my last statement.
‘He would be so proud.’ I know.
‘We would never be disappointed in you.’ Yes, you could.
‘Smile.‘ I’m trying.
‘Be happy.’ Not as easy as it sounds.
‘Forget what they said, it doesn’t matter.’ Words hurt.
‘Why are you so cynical?’ Because life isn’t always sunshine.
‘How can you stand to read all day?’ Because words have power over me.
‘I don’t know how you can like English; I hate it.’ I’m not you.
‘You need to stop buying shoes.’ But it’s fun though.
‘You don’t know what you’re missing.’ Yes, I do. I’d rather eat this.
‘When are we allowed to read what you’ve written?’ Sooner than you think.
‘I do enjoy your company.’ Good, I enjoy yours.
‘You’re an angel.’ Not the first time I’ve been told that.
‘Being short isn’t that bad right?’ No, actually it’s not that bad.
‘To thine own self be true.’ I’m learning to be.
‘You only need to worry about yourself.’ Not in my nature.
‘You’re so good at that; see you do have a talent.’ Thank God for that.
‘There’s nothing wrong with you.’ Tell society that.
‘You make me happy.’ Good, you make me happy.
‘If you do it then you’ll be in trouble.’ Ahh, but where’s the fun in that?
‘It’s okay to cry.’ And ruin my make-up? No thank you.
‘Don’t cry.’ I won’t.
‘It will be okay.’ Yes, I will.

Being true to yourself is always hard when people are always telling you what they think is right; what they think is normal and if you don’t fit their guidelines then that’s it. Over the last few years I’ve just accepted that there isn’t a normal. If I want to buy shoes then I’ll buy shoes – as long as I have space to put them. If I want to read all day then that is what I will do. It’s okay to be different and being yourself is nothing to be ashamed of!!!


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