For my Short Story module we had to create lots of stories using a limited amount of words. Now, this is actually very difficult as when you have a limit, every single word has to count. So, for example, if you repeat something then there has to be a reason for that word being repeated.

Later on I will put up a post about the stories that made the cut for something I’m very excited about but this post is the stories that didn’t quite make it but were still important in my writing process.


  • It wasn’t a home without him.
  • It won’t happen again. He lied.
  • I never meant to hurt you.
  • Maybe we should just be friends.



Red equals passion. Goes well with my black dress.
The colour of my cheeks after he compliments me; after he kisses me.
The colour of my cheek after he slapped me. Goes well with my black eye.
I look in the mirror,
I don’t see myself.
He stole my heart and broke my spirit.

Pink; the colour of her cheeks after he complimented her.
Purple; smeared all over both thier lips after thier first kiss.
The Orange skirt she wore when he proposed.
The Blue hairgrip on her wedding day.
Green eyes turned to Grey.
Yellow; the sun wasn’t shining anymore.
Red; his handprint on her cheek was proof.


The overall theme of the 6 word stories was then taken into the 55 word stories and from this my short story assignment was born, I am very proud that I started with a single grain of an idea and ran with it from the start of my module right to the very end!

I hope you enjoyed reading these little snippets of what has become possibly my most favourite piece of writing!

Shan 🙂


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