As part of my Short story module me and my classmates had to write a series of stories. First using 6 words, then 55 words before we moved onto our 2000 word short stories which would be submitted.
The 55 word story which was based around colour, after being written, was given to a Fine Art student who would interpret our writing and create something from the words they had been given. Tonight at the University of Suffolk End of Year show I got the chance to see how my work was interpreted by someone else. I found this quite scary because when I write I have a very clear picture in my mind of how I would like something to be viewed and I am unfortunately one of those people who if they don’t like something find it very hard to not show it on thier faces. However, as this student got marked on how they interpreted the piece I worked myself up to not take it too hard if I found their final piece to be something different than I imagined as the main reason I love my degree as much as I do is because everything is open to interpretation and there is never a wrong answer.

The piece that I had written to be interpreted is as follows:

The hair went first; the long, flowing blonde hair lost its shine, and then
fell out in clumps.
Her tanned skin was now pale and sensitive.
Her blue eyes became bloodshot, filled with tears.
The rainbow of her favourite foods became gray – they weren’t wanted.
The worst part?
The black dresss no longer fit her.

This was how my writing was interpreted:




Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It’s so simple but that’s exactly what I imagined and highlights that despite all the horrible things that happened to the girls body, it is the simple fact that her dress no longer fits that has caused her the most pain. I love the simple background and the words and the IV bag being the only thing that is visible highlights that the illness is very visible now and is perhaps the definer of her life.

So aside from my foot still being fractured and being boiling hot in the walking boot, it has been a very good day!

Shan 😊


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